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So Much To Do In June at 350 Placer!

We have a variety of events to attend in June, as well as actions you can take right now to combat climate change. Read below for more info, and please be sure to attend our next general meeting on June 8th!


June 1: Tabling for Climate Change: Practice for 350 Placer Volunteers

For those who want to staff 350 Placer informational tables, or who just want practice talking about climate change, we will be meeting in Meadow Vista on Thursday, June 1 from 5:30-6:30pm. We will be role playing on how to talk with people who do not believe climate change is a problem and/or people who are confrontational. Many of us are not comfortable with conflict - so we'll practice! Send questions to 350Placer@gmail.com.

June 4: Pioneer Day Parade

Interested in promoting clean and sustainable living by biking or walking in the Meadow Vista Pioneer Day Parade next Sunday, June 4? If so, contact us at 350Placer@gmail.com! We'll attach our homemade 350 Placer signs, and show the community how much fun it is to get around town by EV, bike, and on foot.

June 8: 350 Placer General Meeting

We will have our monthly meeting Thursday, June 8th at 1115 Combie Rd., Faith Lutheran Church, in Meadow Vista. Please join us! Bring drinks or snacks if you'd like, and e-mail us at 350Placer@gmail.com with questions.


Oppose President Trump's Budget Proposal

President Trump's budget proposal includes a variety of attacks on the environment, including a 31% cut to EPA's budget, specifically to enforcement and climate programs. Call you U.S. Representative today to say you oppose cuts to the EPA and programs focusing on climate change!

CA-01: Doug LaMalfa: (530) 878-5035 or (202)-225-3076

CA-04: Tom McClintock: (916) 786-5560 or (202) 225-2511

Questions? Comments? E-mail them to 350Placer@gmail.com.

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