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It's Time to Take Action! General Meeting: Thurs, Aug 8, 6-7pm @ Moonraker Brewing Co Barrel Roo

Join us for a cold one starting at 6pm on Thursday, August 8 (a no host event). We will socialize starting at 6 and then offer our "formal" meeting from 6:30-7:00 pm. We will present our plans for 2019-2020 and tell you ways you can help fight climate change and 350 Placer. Most importantly, we will welcome ideas from you! This is the time to take action, we cannot wait another year. Come join us for an hour and step into action. Questions can be directed to us at 350Placer@gmail.com or by Messaging us via 350 Placer on Facebook. Moonraker Brewing Company is located at 12970 Earhart in Auburn, CA.

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