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Feb 22 @ 10:30 AM: Electric Vehicle Car Rally - Join the Fun!

Join the fun with 350 Placer!! You and your electric vehicle are cordially invited to participate in our AUBURN CAR RALLY on Saturday, February 22, 2020. Our group will start assembling at 10:30 AM at the Auburn Home Depot parking lot. At 11:00, we shall turn down Hwy 49 towards Auburn and then drive through the Farmers’ Market parking lot. Our final destination will be Auburn Central Square where we’ll park and be able to have fun talking and eating lunch at a restaurant of your choice. It is 350 Placer’s hope that our Auburn community will take notice of the variety of “cool”, and practical, electric vehicles that are available to them. EVs are the future and one of the primary ways that we can combat climate change.

Questions? Email us at

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