Our Presentations

Our presentations are free to community groups. Each presentation can be customized to be from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your group's needs. Here are the presentations we already have available. If there is a climate related topic that is not listed below, we will most likely be able to create a presentation for your desired topic.


1. Climate Solutions for Everyday People: Focuses on solutions that you and I can take (starting now) as part part of our daily lives. 


2. Climate Science and Politics: Explains the scientific data that led to scientists agreeing that human-caused climate change is real and urgent. Discusses why climate change is a political issue and how we can move forward together.  


3. The Importance of Hope - Emotional and Mental Tools Needed to Face and Reverse Climate Change: Discusses some of our most common feelings about climate change and how to best work with them in order to take action. 

4. 350 Placer Kids Presents - Global Warming, the Climate Crisis and What YOU Can Do to Help Save Our Planet!!: Designed to be presented by just an adult, or an adult with a kid helper; is 10-20 minutes only. Explains climate change and what kids can do about it. This presentation is encouraging and energizing. 


Contact Us


Contact us at 350Placer@gmail.com or Message us via our Facebook page (350 Placer) to invite us to present to your community group or to inquire about working with us. The time is now!