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What You Can Do

1. Don't Look Away: All of us have the urge to just keep going with our life as usual because there is a feeling of anxiety and overwhelm about climate change. The good news is that together, we CAN change our future - it's not too late!

2. Join 350 Placer: Invite us to present to your local group or come to one of our trainings, show up for our meetings, follow us on Facebook (for calls to action and ongoing education), join our mailing list and attend our events. We need your input and your participation!

3. Get Political: We have to demand that our elected officials (from very local to national) are acting on climate change. Specifically this means we need policies implemented immediately that address carbon output and the environment. Contact your representatives to ask them how they are addressing it. Tell them that you vote for people who take climate change and our environment seriously and follow through with actions. Contact them often. Get involved - our future depends on it!


4. Make Capitalism Work For Us: What we demand will change the supply! Buy local, green and sustainable products. Spend time each week contacting companies to request that they shift to producing sustainable products only and they address their carbon dioxide output. Stop purchasing products that are not sustainable. 


5. Decrease Your Own Carbon Output: Take this carbon footprint test to see how you score. Use this reference as a starting point for emitting less. Consume less. Reuse things first, then recycle. Follow 350 Placer on Facebook for education and information about actions we are taking. 

Sign Up

You may contact us at or Message us through our Facebook page (350 Placer).

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